"A painting, like a human being, must
breathe free of impurities."
- Gloria Signorelli
Painting Restoration, New York City - Signorelli Studio

Gloria Signorelli, a specialist in the conservation of European and American paintings, has been working with prominent collectors, art dealers, museums and insurance adjustors for over twenty years. She carries out her craft with integrity and the utmost concern for the work of art, taking a thoughtful approach to painting restoration. Her experience and expertise enables her to evaluate a wide range of problems that may arise in the proper care of artworks. The services she provides go far beyond basic surface cleaning of canvases and panels, but also include reweaving, inpainting, impasto and support restabilization, as well as advice on framing. She is available for the examination and evaluation of works at auction houses and galleries as well. The pride she takes in her work, which is executed meticulously and sensitively, has gained her an extensive reputation within the art community.

Ms. Signorelli has an impressive background. Trained in Florence, Italy by both institutional and private conservators, the study of her craft was well founded. She worked under the director of the Uffizi Gallery, Luisa Becherucci and with Ugo Procacci, the Soprintendente alle Belle Arti di Firenze. She also studied with the Restorer-in- Residence at the Uffizi, Augusto Vermehren, and also with Gaetano LoVullo, a well-respected private conservator. When returning to New York she apprenticed further with the renowned expert, Renzo Baldaccini, eventually establishing her own business on the Upper East Side, in one of the City's most distinguished art districts. She continues to stay current in the latest technical developments in the field, yet retains all that is valued in the traditional style of conservation.

The Signorelli Studio fosters a confident and confidential working relationship with clients. Ms. Signorelli thoroughly explains the work she is proposing to be carried out in a personal and discreet manner. Written estimates of costs are furnished and a time frame is established before any work commences.

If you are seeking assistance with a conservation issue, contact Gloria Signorelli by phone or email.

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